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Private Tuitions? Is it really required?

Earlier days, tuitions were meant for students who were weak in studies and who lack interest and concentration. But, as the competition developed in education, tuitions became the need of every child. Even if the child scores more than 90% they will be attending tuition classes.

The high level of competition in the education business has forced the parents and children to run behind the coaching centres to gain more than what is taught in the colleges. And unfortunately, it is not only for the higher students, tuitions are becoming theneed of pre-nursery kids also.

Infact, tuitions have become the part of family standards. To those families who want to maintain their standard in the society ensure that their child is part of some activities or tuitions classes. It doesn’t matter if the child is good at studies or not. They just have to be part of one or the classes to survive in this highly competitive world.

But, is it good to enforce children to be a part of extra coaching? Does every child actually require tuitions?

Well, this depends on the child and their capacity to understand and execute it during exams. It also depends on the subject and the grade a child is studying in. Studies say that private coaching or tuitions aids in boosting students skills and knowledge. So, here is a list of points that parents and child can go through to know whether they require tuitions are not.

Check what is the marks he/she is scoring: If a child is already scoring good marks in class, suggest them to maintain and practice on a daily basis so that they do not get down.

Ask if they are struggling in any subject: Confirm and re-assure if a child requires practice on any particular subjects. Because most of the time a child might be good at all subjects but might be struggling in one or two subjects. If they are finding issue with any subject then guide them to spend more time on that particular subject. And if required help them with private training classes.

Don’t let them waste their time: Most of the naughty and mischief children waste their time on unnecessary things. To such children ensure that they are regularly going to tuitions so that they don’t become lazy towards studies.

Monitor and guide: It is important that parents or someone monitor their activities regularly. Check whether they are giving a quality time for studies. If you are not able to then, admit them in some tuition classes so that they can get help in their studies when they require it.

Follow-up: Let your child be aware that someone is following them up regularly. Be it a parent or private teacher a child needs to be under observation.