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How can a private tutor be more effective than a college lecturer/professor?

Tutor/teacher/professor/lecturer/guide or anything, call them by any name, all are equally important in shaping career and building a strong foundation of a student. Through their guidance or by knowledge sharing, they become a major part of one learning under them. They have the highest capacity in making one’s life larger than we can imagine.

So, what is the difference in all this? How is a private tutor different from college lecturer/professor?

A lecturer of college also teaches and a private tutor also and most of the time a lecturer who teaches in colleges can be the same person teaching in one or the other private institute. Only, the way they teach and methods used are completely different.

  • College lecturer will be loaded with many activities and responsibilities that they will not be able to provide full time on teaching subjects, which will be filled by thetutor.


  • Compared to the private tutor, who will be assigned to one particular work, a college lecturer will be dumped with a huge number of students and classes. This will decrease the time given on each student by college lecturer, whereas private teacher will spend more time on them.


  • A private tutor will have the time to use various techniques to teach astudent, depending on the individual learning ability.


  • A private tutor will teach according to understanding level of student, which a college lecturer can’t do due to the time constraint.


  • A private tutor will be providing more information as there will be no fixed or reserved timings and can extend the classes.


  • As the student would have understood the basic of the lesson, a private teacher will be effective on improvising it and making it much clear to the student.