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Private coaching: Advantages and disadvantages

Today the education has developed so far that without extra efforts it is nearly impossible to stand in the competition. A student of class one or a student of class 15, private coaching has become a need of every one.

Due to the high competition, though a student is talented enough to build his career with their schooling education, he/she will be admitted to coaching classes. After college or before college or both, the student will be attending classes continuously.

So, how important is this private coaching? Are they really beneficial for a child? Does it add value to students’ career?

Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of private coaching that every student should read on.


Targeted goals: Private coaching aids in setting up the goals even for those students who are lacking behind. As a student without a goal of reaching a high target cannot win the competitions, coaching centres ensure that every time the student is challenged to reach a goal.

Additional practice: Whether the student is interested or not, private coaching will be forcing the student to practice more than they do in college. Because of assignments or exams, the students will be working extra hours on the particular subject.

Detailed information on subjects: Private coaching institutes ensure that they provide clear and detailed information on the subjects which a college would not have been provided.

An experienced tutor to provide knowledge: Generally, the tutors in private coaching are experienced and well-knowledged. They will be highly qualified and experienced in the particular subject that makes student gain more knowledge.

Increased level of competition:  Private coaching just do not provide classes to study, they test the level of understanding of each student by conducting exams similar to their college exams. They provide test papers to prepare and practice and motivate them to score high.

Utilisationof time: As coaching classes are taken after or before the college hours, students will get very less time to spend on unnecessary things. Though the student is lazy or mischief, the tutor monitoring them will compel them to work and practice.


High pressure: Growing competition in the business of coaching classes is increasing the level of pressure on students to achieve more than his/her capacity.

No free time: As students will be busy studying in both college and coaching classes, they will lack time for other activities. So it is better to minimise the study hours of a child depending on their knowledge and interest.

Extra assignments: To improve the scores of students the coaching centres burden them with too many assignments thatare increasing the stress. As the capability of each student is different, the burden of too many assignments becomes a torture to many students.

Extra burden on parents: Coaching centres are not for all students. It is mostly referred to students who are lazy and mischief. The parent who cannot give time and teaching to their child should send their children to coaching centres, if not it will become an unnecessary burden in terms of finances. It will also put mental pressure on students who are already good at his/her studies.