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New Trends in Hostel

With the growing market of real estate, a trend for hostel has changed enormously in India. Be it a college hostel or private hostel, people go for the best depending on their affordability.

Earlier, the hostels used to mostly provide room, food and a place to laundry. Getting a proper hostel which is safe, secure and inexpensive was the only priority for students and working professionals. But, now the generation is different.

The generation today gives more importance to the facilities provided in the hostel. Along with security and safety, they prefer to have all those necessary resources, equipment and materials to live a convenient and comfortable life.

The basic facilities students look for in the hostels are:

Comfortable rooms: Unlike earlier days students do not wish to stay in rooms that are congested and uncomfortable. As they come tried from colleges they wish to relax in their comfortable rooms without any disturbance.

Uninterrupted power supply: Whether there is the power supply in the area or not, hostels should have generators with loaded power so that students can study at any time of the day.

24/7 internet connectivity: In a digital world a hostel without the internet is equal to food without water. As every individual depends on the internet for the information or other works having a 24/7 internet connectivity in the hostel gives a plus point to the hostel owners.

Ironing and Laundry facility: In this competition and fast growing world students hate to waste their time on laundry and ironing. So, it is important for a hostel to have ironing and laundry facilities.

Mineral water supply: Health is very important. with today's growing pollution, staying out of the home, students do not wish to take a risk on their health. So, most of the students prefer to have a mineral water supply in the hostel.

ATMs and Medical centres in the locality: ATM and medical are the two important facilities that every area should have not just for the students even for localite. So having a hostel surrounded with these facility matters a lot for everyone.

Attached bathrooms: Todays generations are born in an individual family where they would not be used to share everything with a high number of people. So, attached bathrooms are again the basic necessity of the hosteller.

Other higher facilities

AC, TV and refrigerator in rooms: AC, TV and refrigerator have become the important equipment of the house, with which the students are born. So, for most of the students, these things matter a lot. People are ready to pay for having these extra facilities in the hostels. 

Well-equipped gym: Be it a girl or boy, maintaining their health and appearance has become the important part of their life. And gym being the first choice of every youth to maintain themselves, they would like to have it as a part of their hostel. Rather than paying for separately for the gyms, students will pay it with their hostel fee. 

Yoga and dance classes: Yoga and dance are the activities which many students opt for as extra workout and relaxation

Indoor and outdoor games facility: Games are the biggest part of student life. It is always referred to students to be a part of one or other games to build themselves.

Salon facility: There are few hostels, especially college hostel, which also provides this salon facility for both girls and boys so that they do not need to run around the area for getting groomed.