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A hostel life: Myths and facts

You might have heard a lot of stories about the hostel, from a great story to the worst story. You might have collected a lot of information about the life in the hostel, the good, the bad and weird. You might be wondering are they true or not? So, here is a list of myths and facts to make you awareof the hostel life.

Myth: No one to care about us

Well, of course, you are going to miss your mother a lot, but on a counterpart, you will get many friends who will take care of you every moment, not as same as your mom, but in a different way, they will make you feel home.

Myth: It is not safe

Talking about safety, we all know it is not just the hostel that is unsecured. So, there is no point in saying that hostels or not safe. If you want to be safe, you have to choose proper place and locality. Before joining any hostel you have to visit the area, enquire about the people around there and, ofcourse about the hostel too.

Myth: It is for those who want to stay independent

No. Hostels are not for people who are waiting for independence. Staying in hostels comes with a lot of responsibilities. If one has decided to shift to the hostel, then he/she should be ready to compromise and adjust. Because, more than independence, staying out of the house is a responsibility.

Myth: You get the complete freedom

Yes, you will get the freedom from your family, but, no, you are not completely free now. Infact, now you will be under the charge of new guardian/ caretaker who barely knows you, because of which they will not pardon you every time. 

Myth: Hostels are messed, not organised

Messy and unorganised rooms are mostly seen in individual rented and bachelor's rooms. Hostel run by wardens are maintained and organised, not completely clean and neat like your home, taken care by your mom, but you can expect regular cleaning. 

Myth: It is all bunk beds.

Bunk beds are mostly provided for school children below class 12. Once you reach the college age you barely choose such hostels to save your pocket money. Depending on your affordability you will be placed in a room.

Myth: It is about boozing and parties

Haha! Do not be in illusion that if you are shifting to the hostel you will get to do all those stuff you have watched in movies. Most of the college hostels follow the strict rules where you will not be allowed to do all unacceptable activities.

Myth: People become careless staying in hostel

Carelessness depends on you. You stay athome or in a hostel; if you are serious about your life you will know your limit and your work. It is not the hostel that will make you careless. Indeed it will make you more responsible towards your life.